Quality assure your data proactively

Validate your data collection with professionally-prepared rules, detailed reports, and the ability to exclusively match your business strategy.


Data Quality Assurance

Tagtic monitors data quality on your website. It continuously performs audits to validate the tags both from a technical and a business perspective. Tagtic simulates users’ interactions on your website, governs connection between tracking tools, and immediately identifies and alerts on any errors or mismatches.

Customized Solution

Tagtic constantly scans entire website by using standard rules, which are prepared and listed on the platform. Besides that, the custom feature allows to create fully customized rules that match your particular technical and business requirements.

Strategic Alignment

Tagtic connects tag validation with your business components. It identifies technical errors as well as detects mismatches between business strategy and technology. The tools assures consistent data collection process and leads to decisions based on accurate, trusted and actionable data.

Features included

Customize to match your particular technical and business requirements

Tap ready-to-use standard rules and monitor your entire website

Build hundreds of customized rules and get exclusive reports

Use detailed reports to fix errors and collect only accurate data